The home of Australia’s first black truffle

Tasmanian Truffles is committed to producing the finest. All of our products have been thoughtfully developed through years of experience and experimentation, alongside a dedicated team of food technicians. Our creations are hand crafted for outstanding quality and unparalleled flavour to deliver the ultimate truffle experience.

Tasmania's cool climate and pristine environment provides ideal growing conditions. The result is a slow grown truffle, rich in aroma and expressing flavours unique as the surrounding environment – delivering truffles of a world class standard. Our truffles are harvested at the perfect moment; our highly trained and loved dogs smell the trees weekly to pick up the scent of a truffle ready for harvesting. The black gold are fresh out of the ground and into our hand-crafted range of premium products using the very best Tasmanian ingredients.

Successful farmer and entrepreneur, Tim Terry, planted the first hectare of hazelnut trees in 1994, and Tasmanian Truffles was born. Get the full story here

As second generation truffle buffs, Henry and Anna now produce a premium range of Tasmanian Truffle products that are enjoyed by many all over the world. You can find us every Saturday at Salamanca Market along Hobart's waterfront, or you can enjoy the convenience of ordering our gourmet Tasmanian products online.

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