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Tasmanian Truffle Oil And Crusty Bread
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The home of Australia’s first black truffle.

Based in Tasmania’s remote north, Tasmanian Truffles is the home of Australia’s first black truffle, and the first ever grown in the Southern Hemisphere. The French said it was not possible. We planted our first trees in 1994, and four years later we held our first exquisite black truffle in our hands. The pristine water, air, and soil of Tasmanian makes for world-class truffles.

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As 2nd generation growers, truffles are our life, and always have been.

We have enjoyed cooking and eating truffles for as long as we can remember, not a day went by without a fresh black truffle in the family fridge. Through sliced fingers, burnt hands and many interesting mouthfuls we now express our life’s work through our range of  hand crafted Tasmanian Truffle products. 


41 degrees South — a stunning environment with the world's cleanest air. It's where we grow.

Tasmanian Truffles' farm nestles amongst the foothills of the Great Western Tiers mountain range. The cool climate provides ideal conditions for a slow grown truffle, rich in aroma and expressing flavours as unique as the surrounding environment – allowing us to deliver world-class products sought-after by chefs and home cooks alike.