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Dug by Doug

Doug is an essential part of our team, and a much-loved member of our family.

The unerring senses of the gentle Labrador

In the wild oak and beech forests of France, the hidden lair of black truffles is traditionally sought out by truffle pigs. In Tasmania, it is the unerring senses of the gentle Labrador that perform this delicate service. The best and worst thing about truffle pigs, as many French farmers will tell you, is that they really love truffles. They may be expert truffle hunters, but they’re also expert truffle eaters. This is why we entrust our precious truffles to highly trained truffle dogs.

Doug The Hunter

A much-loved member of our family

Because he is a noble beast of wisdom and restraint, Doug then satisfies himself with the knowledge of a job well done (and some doggie treats), while we carefully, meticulously, unearth the ripe truffles by hand, ensuring that each one is born gently into the clean air, unmarked and perfect.