Farm to table

From the farm to a gourmet tasting experience

The farm to table journey all begins with small seedlings in the nursery at our farm nestled beneath Tasmania's Great Western Tiers. Seedlings are inoculated with Tuber Melanosporum (the spores of the truffle) and then planted at about one year old. After about 4-6 years truffle production can begin, although some trees can take decades to produce! Pruning, irrigation, and maintenance is key - the trees need a lot of TLC to produce our standard of truffles. Many years of research, testing, and experimenting has resulted in excellent growing conditions to produce highly sought-after black truffles. 

Farm  Tas Truffles  Hd025

Our four-legged hunters

We have specially trained dogs to sniff out truffles, and they take about 3 years to be properly trained. Walking up rows of trees with their handler catching the scent on the wind, our dogs pinpoint the truffle by placing a paw on the spot. It's then over to the handler, who will get down on hands and knees to put their own nose to the test and check if the truffle smells ready. Our dog handlers also need a highly trained nose to determine the perfect time to harvest the delectable black truffle.

Farm  Tas Truffles  Hd018

It's an art

Grading truffles is a real art. We wash our truffles by hand, they are then left to dry naturally before the grading process begins. Grading takes a fine skill that does not come easy, we are meticulous throughout every aspect of the process. We have devoted many years to perfecting our skill and are known for our experience and fastidious commitment to quality. 

Black Hen  Tas Truffles  Hd002

Each truffle is thoroughly scrutinised for aroma, shape, size and any damage. Each graded truffle is processed by hand ready to become the hero ingredient in our range of Tasmanian Truffles products.

Black Hen  Tas Truffles  Hd019