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Truffle Crème

Our beautifully crafted truffle crème epitomises the traditional truffle experience, with rich and earthy flavours of truffle combined with subtle mushroom undertones. Just a little will transform any meal into culinary excellence.


Serving Suggestions

Stir through mashed potatoes, a creamy risotto or through fresh pasta, or stir through a hearty soup for an exquisite finishing touch.

Our favourite way to enjoy the crème is to melt a big dollop over a succulent steak, then follow it with a sip of a Tasmanian cabernet.

Tip - don’t be afraid to be generous with this one and let the flavours shine.

Key ingredients Coconut oil, mushroom, and black truffle

Contains Soy

Net weight 50g

Packaging Gift box

Recipe ideas

Designed by Amy Luttrell - MasterChef Australia 2015 Top 10 contestant