Meet the family

Our Tasmanian Truffles family

Truffles are at the heart of the Terry family. Even from a young age, all Henry and Anna wanted was to be amongst the truffles. Henry was known to pull off a very convincing stomach ache to get out of school so he could go truffle hunting, and was there for the first truffle in Australia to be harvested. Anna has been creating recipes with the enticing black truffles since she was a young girl and was never afraid to use large quantities!

Tasmanian Truffles_Tim_Henry_Anna Anna, Tim, and Henry Terry

Tim Terry

Founder, entrepreneur, and farmer. The first person to grow truffles in Australia.

Life-long truffle lover, innovator, and custodian of the family tradition.
Expert truffle grader for chefs all over the world, and a fine truffle cook herself.
Loves her truffles and a true team player.
Newest member of the team and full of energy!
Adam & Phantom
Our specialist truffle harvester and Phantom's best mate.
Fran & Sunny
An expert team of truffle harvesters.