Our history

The French said it was not possible

It all started on a fishing trip with a friend in 1992, Tim Terry and his mate began wondering why truffles couldn’t be grown in the southern hemisphere? The dream of growing such a rare and beautiful fungi was enticing. The challenge was on, and in 1994 the first hectare of hazelnut trees were planted.

There were many hurdles along the journey to grow Australia’s first ever black truffle. Despite being a life long farmer, Tim had no experience in growing fungi so he learned from the French. However the new challenges of producing truffles on the other side of the world created the need to innovate beyond the tried and true French methods. Our family pioneered growing methods that suited Tasmania's cool climate, soil and water conditions, and the fungi lifecycle.

The results are world-class truffles revered by chefs around the world. Our truffles are harvested at the perfect moment; our highly trained and loved dogs smell the trees weekly to pick up the scent of a truffle ready for harvesting. The black gold are fresh out of the ground and into our hand-crafted range of premium products using the finest ingredients.

These enticing, aromatic, exotic fungi are at the heart of our farm and our family.

Memorable moment

18th of June 1999.

4.36 pm.

Tim Terry was the only person in Australia to produce a truffle in the 20th century.

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